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By , July 1, 2009

Technological Flair with Flash…

for Animations, Presentations and Websites

Flash-256x256Deliver rich, high-impact, interactive  web experiences
Create vibrant and intuitive application user interfaces
Design attractive and engaging user tools

By incorporating sound, movement and interactivity, media-rich experiences can be designed to attract and engage users. By enhancing the user experience, Flash continues to be a powerful and versatile tool for designing and delivering distinctive interactive content.

In creating the Flash Downloads blog, our goal is to be able to provide a platform for designers, developers and website users to come together and share their ideas and suggestions.

We hope to create a unique opportunity for discussion and exchange, in order to develop custom solutions using Flash.

Be Curious, Be Creative – Look through the posts to find pertinent information about the Flash Products that have caught your interest.

Be Creative,  Be Compelling – Post your own comments and make your voice heard.  Share your ideas and feedback about Flash Products you have come across or would like to create.

Flash News Ticker Component

By , June 20, 2009

The Flash News Ticker Component has been designed so that the user can make content updates dynamically. User interface controls can be used to customize the application in appearance. Download Here


The following features can be taken advantage of to create a customized and appealing user experience

  • Flexible Number of News Items
    This feature provides the facility to add any number of news items as desired
  • Ability to merge with any Template
    This component can be used on any website and will function in the same way as shown here
  • The scrolling feature
    A continuous transitional effect allows the headlines to scroll across the ticker, allowing a user-friendly experience without any abrupt changes to the text

Flash Scrolling News Component

By , June 1, 2009

The Flash Scrolling News component allows the user to display news headlines on a web page, with the ability to determine the number of headlines that should be displayed, and access to complete stories upon clicking each news headline. Download Here

spiralaxis_news_ticker_scroll•    News Title
The main news title identifies the category through which the news items are represented
•    News Date
Date of publication of the news headline
•    News Body
News headlines and brief excerpts of the respective news stories
•    Navigational Control
Pause and Play controls
•    Flexible Number of News Items
This feature provides the facility to add any number of news items as desired
•    The Fading feature
A user-friendly and visually appealing transitioning effect
•    Access to Detail Pages
Hyperlinks to detailed news story pages

Adserving with Adservers

By , April 21, 2009

The goal of creating engaging and original content is always uppermost in the mind of the blogger.  The popularity and ultimate success of a blog depends on the efforts of the blogger to create content that is unique, relevant and insightful.

Capturing the attention of the potential audience and then maintaining it requires consistent efforts to keep the blog content current and interesting.

Once a certain level of audience loyalty has been built it only makes sense to use the blog as a tool for generating revenue. Advertising on blogs can be a valuable means to create an additional source of income.


The most common way to begin advertising on your blog is to use one of many widely-used third party ad serving solutions. They are most prevalently in use by many blogs and websites.  They have become popular because of the ease with which they integrate with blogs and websites.

Ad serving solutions consist of an adserver with built-in user controls, and a user interface that allows the user to create and display ad slots on their website or blog in a series of quick steps. The process is usually uncomplicated and seamless.

Control over Content and Delivery

Adserver applications are sophisticated enough to then populate the ad slots on the blog or website with advertisements that are relevant to the content of the website. This encourages users to respond to the advertising placed by the ad serving application on the blog or website.

Complete control over the advertising content on your website or blog can be gained by using an adserver application. This is an excellent advantage since there is a process of approval before advertising appears on your website or blog even if you allow your advertising partners access to your adserving system.  The process becomes automated with one step of approval required from you for the quick and efficient delivery of ads to your blog or website.

Control over Cost and Revenue

Your own adserver application allows you to control the cost of your ad slots, with the ability to decide and determine the price you wish to set for each ad spot.

Revenue generated from each ad that is clicked is directly deposited in your account, as per the settings that you create in your adserving solution’s admin area.   Automated and secure payment processing allows you complete control over your advertising revenue.

Reporting and Management

Adserver applications allow you to monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns.  Comprehensive and detailed reporting allows you to check the effectiveness of your campaigns, and manage them to gain the maximum advantage and profit possible.

By allowing advertisers access to the system but having the ability to approve or disapprove ad content, and having complete control over the cost and revenue generated by ads, adserver applications provide an excellent opportunity for regaining ownership of the content of your blog or website.

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